Clearly, The consumer is now in charge! They have fundamentally changed the Rules of Marketing and the way Merchants need to approach connecting with them to earn their business. This is known as the Zero Moment of Truth.

What is the Zero Moment of Truth.

  • A busy mom in a minivan, looking up decongestants on her mobile phone as she waits to pick up her son at school.
  • A Student in a cafe, scanning user ratings and reviews while looking for a cheap hotel in Barcelona.
  • A winter sports fan in a ski store, pullingout a mobile phone to look at video reviews of the latest snowboards.
  • A young woman in her condo, searching the web for juicy details about a new guy before a blind date.

What does the ZMOT mean for merchants?

  • You only get one chance to make a great first impression
  • You have to be ready for when consumers come looking for you on whatever device they are using.
  • You have to be aware and respond and learn from what consumers are saying about your business online.
  • With Mobile…the MOTS – Moments of Truths- are merging…when consumers can search, decide, buy, and share all at once.

The New Buying Process

Today’s customers search online before they buy.

Make sure you are Visible online with good ratings after the buy.Get Started